Bankroll Management

In Sports Betting one of the most overlooked aspects for many people is Bankroll Management, there are many people that can pick a high level of winners but as soon as things go against them they lose discipline and ignore Bankroll Management methods, when this occurs they usually wager more money than they had initially intended in hope of recovering losses. It doesn’t matter if someone hit’s a phenomenal amount of winners if they cannot stick to a proper money management plan eventually they will lose all of there Bankroll.

Professional Gamblers have a Bankroll that they put aside and can afford to use solely for gambling purposes, the most common bankroll plan is to break that Bankroll down into 100 Units. Here at CT Sports Investment we would advise to never bet any more than 5% of a Bankroll on a single bet and most often would advise to stick with 1-3%.

When we choose a selection we always advise customers on the amount of units we would recommend to wager on the given bet, this is some of the best advice you can be given if you really do intend to profit long term. If you would like to know more about Bankroll Management there is loads of great information online including that of many successful poker players who use the same methods.

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